As the Good Neighbor program continues to expand through our network of stores, manufacturers and civic organizations, we are constantly looking at new opportunities to assist and support the people of the neighborhoods we serve.

Our success in the areas of education, sports and health & wellness has been rewarding. Our alliances with many of the NYC agencies have allowed us to reach further into the community and to communicate effectively about many of the programs for assistance that are available.

We ask that our store owners continue to reach out and support the Good Neighbor program and to make us aware of any neighborhood programs that can be supported by the Good Neighbor program.

We ask our sponsors, the manufacturers of the products that support the Good Neighbor program, to continue not only their financial support but also remain active in developing events & programs utilizing their existing community foundation programs.

We ask our community partners to continue their mission of community support and to work with the Good Neighbor program in executing existing programs effectively. We ask them to make us aware of any opportunities for further outreach support that the Good Neighbor program may contribute to.