Recognizing the Importance of Family & Neighborhood

The Good Neighbor Program has been in existence since 2003 and we work to further develop its nationally recognized community partnership program. Our motto, “Recognizing the Importance of Family & Neighborhood” was introduced in 2003. That year, we placed under the Good Neighbor umbrella, a number of existing marketing programs that White Rose and its banner stores had already supported over the previous years.

As the program grew, additional community partnerships were developed. One such program is a mentoring effort called “Reaching Our Dreams.” It was introduced to over 12,000 students with the goal of reducing dropout rates. Later, as an effort to keep our youth active and involved during the summer months, we began sponsoring Youth League Baseball teams. This year we had our very first Good Neighbor Basketball Camp and it was a huge success. Over 100 handpicked boys and girls from the Bronx went to camp for free and were trained by local college and high school coaches.

Our most involved partnership has been with a series of family health fairs that we, along with Save Latin America, host throughout New Jersey and the New York boroughs. The fairs are one-day events run by certified health professionals that are designed to offer health screenings to members of the community as well as fun activities for children. We invite manufacturers to reach out and touch the communities that they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to get so close to. Vendors join us for sampling and games.

A recent addition to our roster of activities is the Festival de las Flores, a yearly fair held in various parts of New York City. The Festival takes place on 3 separate days and is comprised of a parade displaying large medallions constructed of flowers called “silletas”, an old Colombian tradition and a festival of Colombian culture in Flushing Meadow Park in Queens.

Through the years, as we have formalized the Good Neighbor program and integrated it with the resources of private and public organizations, it has slowly become a national model, exemplifying how organizational resources and community efforts can work together towards a common good. In the years to come, we are committed to continuing our relationship with the community as well as our partnerships with our corporate and retail sponsors.

“The Good Neighbor Program’s exceptional work in the community is truly commendable… its continuous outreach to the local ethnic customer base makes it a valued part of the community”
Food Marketing Institute

“The Good Neighbor Program has allowed us as community members to assist and be sensitive to the needs of the families, children and the communities we serve. We are proud to be able to use our resources for the good of our neighborhoods!”
Neftali Medina, Met/Pioneer Store Owner

“The Good Neighbor program has reached out to address the needs of the Hispanic community in the critical areas of education, healthcare and employment. We commend them for their commitment to assist Hispanics in achieving their goals of an American life”

Antonio Ibarria, Founder & Chairman, Save Latin America